Sea Level Rise Assessment Report presented at JPI Oceans Strategic Navigation Forum

18 June 2024

The Forum marked the third major dissemination of the report, following its earlier presentations at the Equinox Summit II in Brussels (March 2024) and the Ocean Decade Conference in Barcelona (April 2024). On 11 June 2024, the assessment report on sea level rise was showcased at the Strategic Navigation Forum, organised by JPI Oceans in Brussels. Bart van den Hurk, co-chair of the Knowledge Hub, delivered the presentation during the session on “JPI Oceans Joint Action Highlights”.

Attendees at the forum expressed strong appreciation for the work of the Knowledge Hub on Sea Level Rise, commending the assessment report's transparent and comprehensive scoping and writing process, and its utility for coastal management and planning across Europe.

Stay tuned for the report's release in the coming weeks!

About the Assessment Report:

The report strives to synthesise the current scientific knowledge on sea level rise and its impacts across local, national, and European basin scales, to support evidence-based policy and decision making primarily targeting coastal areas. Employing an integrated and interdisciplinary approach in assessing state of the art information, the report aims to not only consolidate existing knowledge but also to identify gaps in (available) knowledge. It takes the current policy landscape and adaptation planning in Europe as reference and seeks to equip decision makers with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions about protective and adaptive measures against the impacts of rising sea levels.