MAGICA analysis: way forward to ease knowledge uptake by hard-to-reach and overlooked audiences

31 August 2023

Recommendations from science communicators workshop and citizens’ interviews

Scientific papers and reports are insufficient for many target audiences to ease knowledge uptake. This is because of lack of time to consume and distil relevant messages.

So, what else would be a better way forward? 

The MAGICA team was looking for answers in the organised online workshop with climate science communicators and interviewed citizens’ groups.

Citizens mainly look for information through familiar and trusted sources like online networks and personal networks.

Scientists should spend time to connect with people in their local community as well, as scientists can play an important role to bring science results into the local societal discussions. Scientists should spend time to better understand the target audiences’ information needs thoroughly; familiarise with their communication styles and preferred communication channels, and to foster trust-building interactions.

Scientists should make use of online networks and social media to share science results, as this one of the key sources of information for citizens.

Traditional media should not be overlooked as people make use of it when looking for knowledge.

For hard-to-reach specifically, strategies are to co-create messages with the help of boundary organisations and to continuously monitor the impact. Visual storytelling helps to overcome language barriers. These strategies are also useful for other target audiences.

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