European Commission-funded Projects and European Climate Adaptation Platforms webinar

26 January 2024

The proliferation of portals and platforms sharing “information” online continues to expand. This does not always result in a coordinated or systematic effort and knowledge becomes fragmented and siloed leading to redundancy and/or replication or can lead to users being misinformed or unsure of what to use especially in the context of climate change risks and adaptation responses. In an era when planning must accelerate to implementation and concerted climate action, we need faster ways to learn lessons from one another on knowledge sharing and exchange.

A number of European Commission (EC)-funded projects include, as part of their respective work programmes, engaging with European national and regional/transnational climate adaptation knowledge platforms (CAPs). These projects include:

- Maximizing the synergy of European research Governance and Innovation for Climate Action (MAGICA),

- Maximising impact and accessibility of European climate Research (MAIA),

- A Gathering place to cO-design and co-cReate Adaptation (AGORA), and

- Supporting and Developing Widening Strategies to tackle Hydroclimatic Extreme Events: Impacts and Sustainable solutions for cultural heritage (SD-WISHEES).

Discussions during the past six months among these EC-funded projects have identified potential advantages from working together and entering a dialogue with national and regional/transnational CAPs, informing them about the projects, their respective intentions, and seeking CAPs views as to how best to engage them as part of the respective EC-funded projects. These discussions led to a decision to bring these CAPs together using an information-sharing and engagement webinar. Doing so is intended to facilitate the process of connecting and enhance the potential benefits to the CAPs and the engaged projects.


Date and time: Wednesday, February 7th, 2023, 13:30 - 15:00 CET

Description: this event will comprise of an online presentation and dialogue where specific EC-funded projects (MAGICA, MAIA, AGORA, SD-WISHEES) and European climate adaptation knowledge platforms (CAPs) come together. It will serve to explore synergies, share insights, and foster collaboration to advance climate adaptation initiatives.

Key Objectives:

• • Engage and foster dialogue between EC-funded projects and European CAPs.

• • Identify and explore opportunities for synergies and collaboration between these projects and CAPs.

• • Establish a process for sharing project details and experiences of EC-funded projects with CAPs.

Targeted Audience: European climate adaptation knowledge platforms (CAPs). ONLY BY INVITATIONS