Equinox Summit

21 - 22 March 2023
Bruxelles, Belgium

Equinox Summit

MAGICA project, together with JPI Climate, is organizing the Equinox Summit: the first European climate science summit.

The event responds to the urgency of climate change by acting to accelerate the transfer of knowledge from science to policy and practice. It aims to establish a process to systematic update scientific information for policy and actions; via a European scientific assessment and stocktaking process, operating on a two-year cycle and framed by the challenges of; climate neutrality, climate resilience and transition and transformation.

The Equinox Summit will highlight European climate science and research excellence. It will also address how such a scientific assessment and stocktaking process can provide support for implementation of climate policy and actions; in particular, how it will be responsive to specific knowledge needs and requirements, enhanced returns on research investments and inform the direction of future research.

Attendance is by invitation only.